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We hope that we can count on your continuing support as we build an endearing and treasured asset that the community will appreciate for generations to come.

Special Thanks to Our Donors

(in alphabetical order)

Benefactors $2,500+

Eileen and Steve Baime
Keith Gerth and Carole Flamm

Producers $1,500+

Laine and Martin Cobb
Lynn and Kenneth Denenberg
Karen Shankman and Jim Fruehling
Joan and Jay Glacy
Joe and Nancy Messer
Greg and Marymargaret Pucci

Stars $500+

Joan and Harris Berenbaum
Linda and Byron Chalem
Gavin and Urzsula Farry
Robert Goldberg and Dodie Weinstein
Glynn and Margaret Hoover
Maren Miller
Emily Mortola
Robert and Marion Moss
Lonn and Jan Myers
Jane Nani
Bertha Novaczyk
James and Anna Ogle
Joe and Lyn Page
Hal and Lucy Pristovnik
Gary Rogaliner
Brian and Linda Rubin
Amy and Stephen Sanders
Paul and Patti Schabinger
Robert and Meg Schmidt
Lyndl Schuster
Tom and Sandy Sheagren
Richard and Sandra Wender
Robert and Joy Woollen

Players $250+

Mark Bleecker
Dr. Edward and Particia Blumen
Carol and Nick Bubnovich
Patricia and Jon Claire
Luigi Costabile
Richard and Kathryne Davids
Bob and Ruth Fillmore
Beth Goldberg
Betty and Boris Goldstein
Jean Gray
Glen Hampton
Josh Johnson and Bridget Schultz
David and Karen Kahl
Sheldon and Jacqueline Kimel
Dr. Connie Knapp
David B. Lewis, Jr.
Dan and Debbie McMillan
Diane and E. Thomas Meyer
Chris and Patty Pausch
Galia and Jacob Polyanovsky
Thomas Pope
Stephen and Lori Smith
Larisa and Eugene Turin
Steve and Judith Zeal

Cast Members $50+

Frank and Tina Aiello
Janet Aldrich
Thomas and Rosalie Amos
Margaret and Bruce Andersen
Megan Anderson
Barbara Anderson and Ed Kuffert
Gretchen Barbatelli
Jennifer Black
Robert Bloom
Zach Bloomfield
Mary Anne and C. Bobrinskoy
Michele Boroughf
Susan Bradley
Margareta and James Brown
Peter Buerger
Janice Byron
Kenneth and Zenith Chua
Connie Clancey
William and Cynthia Dailey
Karen Daniels
Ellen Dean
Robert DeNapoli
Cindy and Lowell Derdiger
Carol Downs
Sherri Laney and Walter Drew
Jeffrey Drews
Susan Drucker
Gail Eisenberg
Diane Esbrook
John Estey
Dr. Michael and Marcy Feinberg
Dr. Joseph Feldman
Mady Fern
Jeff and Michelle Folkmann
Debbie Fosdick
John Frank
Rhonda Fried
Nick Frisone
Bruce Froelich
Robert and Wanda Frye
Ronald Ganim
Robert Gardner and Linda Stanley
Jim and Monica Garvey
Sharon Gernady
Elfriede Glatz
Joanne Gurdak
Jim and Carol Habel
David and Linda Hamman
Gerald Handler
Catherine Heiman
Joan and Bill Heinzen
Alan and Karen Hoffman
Mary Kay and Bill Hoffman
JE Holler
Hank and Julie Isbell
Cheryl Iverson
Mary Ellen and Marvin Johnson
Kathleen Johnson and Cynthia Sultz
Kristen Kelly
Janet Kenny
Gretchen and Steven Klesker

Annabelle Kowalski
Richard Kreutzfeldt
Jadwiga and Zbigniew Lassota
Sheri and Pavel Latash
Pat and David Lawrence
Janice Leigh
JC and Brenda Lenahan
Judith and Ted Lucas
Ralph and Gudrun Lustgarten
Jacqueline and Marvin Lutz
Nancy and John MacDougall
Bruce and Susan Machanic
Helen Maniates
Emily and Jerry Mayer
David and June Miller
Molly Moran
Mary Neuman
Bob Niemotka
Margaret O’Brien
James and Carole O’Connell
Bonnie Oddo
Mary Peiffer
Alpha and Mort Phillips
Terry Phillips
James and Rita Planey
Eve and Jim Pokorny
Frederic and Joyce Pottinger
Karen Ptak
Richard and Pamela Rosinia
Michael and Brian Rubin
Ellen Ryan
Gail and Irwin Schneiderman
RE Scholly
Steve and Ellen Scholly
Jim and Pat Schultz
William and Lorian Schwaber
Maria Sharkey
Monique Showalter
George and Diane Silca
Sharon and David Silver
Barbara Silverman
Sharon Silverman
Robert and Connie Singer
Michael and Ravit Stoltz
Ronald Strandberg
James and Shelley Swift
Joseph Szwiec
Kay Tabin
Marti and Lee Vandervest
Ruben and Diana Vernof
Greg Vickers
Janis and Richard Watson
Shelley Wax
Burton and Dorothy Weinberg
Vicki Weisberg

Corporate, Foundations and Governmental Grants

Allstate Insurance
Amazon Smile
Argo Translation
Discover Financial
Holzman Designs LLC
Motorola Solutions Foundation
The Saints
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The Vi

The donor list above reflects gifts received within the last 12 months.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information included online is correct. If you have a question or wish to revise your listing in any way, please call (847) 834-0738