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Productions from 2012

It’s a Wonderful Life – A Live Radio Play

wonderful-2012Playwright- Joe Landry
Holidays 2012

Directed by Keith Gerth
Stage Manager- Angie Miller

Zach Bloomfield as Freddie Filmore
Joe Page as Jake Laurents
Susan Steinmeyer as Sally Applewhite
Elizabeth Mazur as Lana Sherwood
Martin Hughes as Harry Heywood

Plot Summary
Based on a story that appeared in Good Housekeeping and later adapted into a beloved movie directed by Frank Capra, It’s a Wonderful Life finds the idealistic George Bailey on the brink of suicide one Christmas Eve. Luckily, he meets an angel who shows him the value of his life and saves him, thus earning his wings. For this radio play version, the theater is transformed into the 1940s radio studio of New York station WBFR. The small town of Bedford Falls is brought to life by five actors, clever and surprising sound effects and a lot of imagination. It’s a good old-fashioned way to celebrate the holidays with a timeless tale still rings true today and will touch your heart as powerfully as ever.

Weekend Comedy

weekend-2012Playwrights – Jeanne and Sam Bobrick
Fall 2012

Directed by Josh Johnson
Stage Manager- Angie Miller

Jay Cook as Frank
Nicola Howard as Peggy
Eric Bays as Tony
Jasmine Ryan as Jill

Plot Summary
A couple in their mid-fifties and a couple in their late twenties have accidentally rented the same cottage for a three-day holiday weekend. They decide to share it. We watch the comedic clash between generations.

Summertime Livin’ Easy

summertime-2012Summer 2012

Directed by Barbara Anderson and Ed Kuffert
Stage Manager- Angie Miller

Zach Bloomfield
Martin Hughes
Elizabeth Mazur
Joe Page
Elizabeth Rude
Jasmine Ryan

Plot Summary
Oil Lamp Theater is excited to be moving from their traditional space in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago to beautiful downtown Glenview. As an introduction to our new community, Oil Lamp is presenting an evening of one act plays which explore the trials and tribulations of theater and love.

Memory House

memory-2012Playwright – Kathleen Tolan
Winter 2012

Directed by Keith Gerth
Stage Manager- Kristin Toerpe

Claudia Garrison as Maggie
Kersten Katerina Haile as Katia

Plot Summary
One winter night a woman bakes a pie as a girl tries to finish her college essay. As the deadline looms, unexamined issues of the girl’s adoption from Russia, the rupture of her parents divorce, and the fear of leaving home break through the surface as the mother cajoles, deflects, and maneuvers around her own feelings of sadness and loss. Unfolding in real time, Memory House is about a young and an older woman who are forced to grapple with the past as they face an uncertain future. A funny and moving story about the complexity of living in the world today.