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Lamplighters: Community Partners

What is a Lamplighter?

Oil Lamp Theater Lamplighters are business partners in our community that get perks like being featured in our advertising, tickets to virtual shows, and more by paying a small monthly fee. Being a Lamplighter is an opportunity to shine a light on our community and support each other during this difficult time and beyond!

How Do I Become A Lamplighter?

Becoming a Lamplighter is EASY! Contact to solidify your spot and pay a $50 fee before the month begins. Your perks start the first of the month. See, it IS that easy!

Is there a commitment?

There’s NO commitment! However, if you pay 5 months upfront you get the sixth month free!

What are my Perks?

Each month that you’re a Lamplighter you receive the following:

  • One (1) virtual ticket to the month’s show OR attend an interactive event (i.e. wine tasting) with no Oil Lamp fees (food/beverage cost still apply)
  • Your business logo shared on
    • All Oil Lamp’s newsletters that month
    • A specialized post on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram)
    • Our virtual programs
  • You’ll listed on this page as a Lamplighter!
When does it start?

The first month of Lamplighters starts this December! Contact to become one of the first that’ll help this community shine bright!


Become an Oil Lamp Theater LAMPLIGHTER today!