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Par for the Corpse

by Jack Sharkey

October 12th - November 19th

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When novelist Alexandra Ellis throws a party at her Catskills retreat, no one expects a blizzard to strand everybody nor do they suspect there’s a killer amongst them until one guest is poisoned at the party! Desperately, the others try to figure out not only who did it but more mystifying how it was done. They’re baffled by a seemingly impossible crime till one guest thinks of a ruse to reveal the killer, but is stabbed before the unmasking. Everyone even the hostess is a suspect, and a number of murky motives emerge during the night’s strange events. And just when another guest thinks he knows the culprit, there’s another murder the suspected killer couldn’t possibly be responsible for! There are plenty of laughs but the main thrust is for the audience’s nerve-endings with more shrieks of terror than of hilarity especially in the surprise-filled final act with its series of convulsive plot-twists. No one will ever be able to guess the shocker of a surprise-ending!

Shows run 2 hours with a 10 minute intermission.

Par for the Corpse is a delightful mystery that deftly blends comedy and suspense, hilarity and shocking surprises. The story is set at the Catskill retreat of novelist Alexandra Ellis (Rachel Silvert) who lives there with her housekeeper and “factotum” Gert Hartman (Kirsty Collins). When Alexandra invites a group of friends to her home for a dinner party one wintry evening, a blizzard unexpectedly strands her guests – but the blizzard proves to be the least of their problems!

The party takes a dark and murderous turn when one of the dinner guests is poisoned and the others quickly realize they have a killer is in their midst. As the group desperately tries to solve the mystery, everyone, even the hostess, becomes a suspect. Murky motives are revealed and unexpected plot twists play out as the hostess and her guests examine clues and make deductions in an effort to identify the culprit and solve the crime.

Plenty of laughs are mingled with shrieks of terror in this delightful mystery that will challenge audiences, along with Andy’s houseguests, to work through the many twists and turns of this mystery — and the odds are good that no one will guess the shocking surprise ending!

Alexandra’s dinner guests include the popular young star of the stage, Mark Taggart (RJ Cecott), the wealthy but discontented “power couple,” Rick and Hazel Corlian (Jeff Smith and Rachel Whyte), and the clever jet-setter, Bettina Redmond (Elena Tubridy). Thelma Alban, Hazel’s very concerned mother, is portrayed by Laura MacGregor. Daniella Jessup, a famous fashion model, is played by Mary O’Sullivan. Rounding out the stellar cast are Oil Lamp veteran Rob Weinstein as Jed Stebbins, a local handyman, and Nick Dorado as Lionel, an unscrupulous broker.

Are you looking for something special to do on Halloween evening this year? Why not join Alexandra and her guests for the special Halloween performance of Par for the Corpse on Tuesday, October 31st at 8 pm? Be a part of the Halloween mayhem and merriment as Oil Lamp Theater sets just the right mood for the most scary-spooky night of the year!

Directed by Keith Gerth

Stage Manager Savannah Clements

Mark Taggert

portrayed by

RJ Cecott

Rick Corlian

portrayed by

Jeff Smith

Bettina Redmond

portrayed by

Elena Tubridy

Alexandra "Andy" Ellis

portrayed by

Rachel Silvert

Hazel Corlian

portrayed by

Rachel Whyte

Daniella Jessup

portrayed by

Mary O'Sullivan

Lionel Channing

portrayed by

Nick Dorado

Jed Stebbins

portrayed by

Rob Weinstein

Thelma Alban

portrayed by

Laura MacGregor

Gert Hartman

portrayed by

Kirsty Collins


portrayed by

Jared Isaac


portrayed by

Carolyn Plurad