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FOOL(ish): a night of comedic one acts

April 2nd - April 4th


April 2 & 3 @ 7:30
Platform: Vimeo
(Videos are available 24 hours after stream ends)

FOOL(ish): A Night of Comedic One Acts is sure to tickle your funny bone and have you smiling from ear to ear! Join Oil Lamp Theater on April Fools’ weekend (but not on April 1st because WE KNOW BETTER) for a night of virtual theater that will give your laugh lines a workout. Life’s too short to take everything seriously. That’s why these laughs, they’re on us! 


How to Watch:
1.) Buy a ticket for the date you anticipate watching the show.
2.) Click the PRINT TICKETS button in your email confirmation to access that show link and password.
3.) Use your tablet, computer, or TV to watch the show using Vimeo.

Pay-What-You-Can starting at $15
Suggested Pricing Guide:
$25 (one person)
$40 (two people)
$50 (3-4 people)
$60 (5+)





Mo by Teri Foltz
Susan is having a hard time slowing down after her retirement.  Her husband Stewart has just the gift to help her.
Directed by Lisa Dawn Curran
Cast: Fletcher Ogren, Sande Ogren, Sean Ogren

Game Theory by Peter Sagal (Yes, the host of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR)
A young upstart and a middle manager face off in a game of strategy at a corporate retreat.
Directed by Josh Johnson
Cast: Micah Rademacher, Jeremy Spraker

Bowl of Trouble by Jeff Taylor
In the not too distant future, a mom is putting her daughter’s clothes in the laundry and finds an illegal substance in her pants pocket.  It’s not what you think it is, but I’d ruin the fun if I told you what it was.
Directed by Josh Johnson
Cast: Hannah Green, April Taylor, Jeff Taylor, Abigail Walburn

Interview With a Fool by Teri Foltz
When a Shakespearean Fool asks for help finding a job, the employment agency has a hard time matching him to the appropriate employer.  That is, until they discover the extent of his skills.
Directed by Lisa Dawn Curran
Cast: Ken Kaden, Benedict Slabik

Deep Gardens by Will Dunne
While two lonely singles try to get a glass of chardonnay from a surly waiter we get to hear not only what they say to each other, but what everyone is really thinking.
Directed by Zachary Parkhurst
Cast: Evan Mills, Isaac Snyder, Abby Railsback

Production Manager: Ellen Markus

Fletcher Ogren
Sande Ogren
Sean Ogren
Micah Rademacher
Jeromy Spraker
Hannah Green
April Taylor
Jeff Taylor
Abigail Walburn
Ken Kaden
Benedict Slabik
Evan Mills
Isaac Snyder
Abby Railsback