An oil lamp

A Love Affair

by Jerry Mayer

August 17th - October 1st

If you could go back and give advice to your younger self – what would you say?

This award winning romantic comedy is brimming with hilarious as well as moving moments captured from a 38 year marriage. As Jimmy and Alice Diamond clear out the attic of their Malibu home because a turn of finances is forcing them to move into a cramped condo, they find themselves reliving the flawed masterpiece that is their marriage. A subtitle, with a smile, might be, “Till Debt do us Part.” Two pairs of actors play the Diamonds, (early and now, in their marriage) one young and one mature. Throughout, they observe and comment on each other. In one delightful scene, the four confront each other to negotiate the transition into middle age. The fifth cast member plays six different women who influence the Diamond marriage, offering a tour de force for an actress. “A Love Affair” is both a timeless and a timely play, because its story is about financial reverses and how they can either weaken or reinforce relationships, depending on how the difficult times are handled. It’s a moving, identifiable story that rings true, while offering a multiplicity of laughs.

The performance runs two hours including an intermission.

Please note the play contains subject matter that some may find sensitive.

Adult Tickets – $35

Student Tickets – $20


What makes a marriage work over time? Is it love? Trust?  Commitment? A good sense of humor? All of these, and maybe more? In this semi-autobiographical comedy, award-winning television writer Jerry Mayer explores these questions and many others in a hilarious story about love and marriage — and what it takes to keep them both vigorous and healthy through the years.

As the play opens, we meet Jimmy Diamond (Micheal Lomenick), a Malibu-based television writer, and his wife of 38 years, Alice (Beth Goldberg). It soon becomes obvious that Jimmy and Alice are something of an odd couple who prove the old adage that “opposites attract.” Jimmy is a capable but disorganized guy who never sweats the details. Alice is smart, practical and very organized — and often frustrated with her husband.

They are both madly in love with each other.

Both Jimmy and Alice are close to retirement age, but they have unexpectedly fallen on hard economic times and have been forced to sell their home of many years. While they are emptying out their attic, they discover long-forgotten items that bring back memories, both joyous and wistful, of their shared past. These memories soon shift into flashbacks in which we encounter this same couple as young and idealistic newlyweds many decades ago (Reed Willard and Katie Mancuso). These apparitions from their younger days provide a glimpse into the elements that have shaped this relationship — from their distinctive personality quirks to the events, both large and small, that created their lives together. This journey through the shared life of this couple provides audiences with a delightfully hilarious and all-too-human insight into the dynamics of a modern marriage.

The two “versions” of Jimmy and Alice – younger and older — occasionally interact, offering both opinions and advice to their other “selves”. While the older pair provides the wisdom of age and experience, the eager, idealistic and hope-filled younger couple has their own insights and perspectives to share. Both couples impart wise counsel, but will Jimmy and Alice be able to take their own good advice?

That question is explored in the many comedic moments that make up A Love Affair. This high-energy romp is peppered with the kind of wry and sprightly dialogue you’d expect to hear in a household made up of a TV sitcom screenwriter and his wife who proves more than capable of standing up for herself, and who gives as good as she gets!

Six more female characters round out the cast of A Love Affair. These women who drift in and out of the lives of Jimmy and Alice through their years together range from a secretary for Desilu Productions in the early 1950s to a contemporary young student mover who arrives to carry furniture out of the Diamonds’ home. Each of these widely varying roles is portrayed by a single actress, Oil Lamp Theater veteran Traci Cidlik.

Directed by Keith Gerth

Stage Manager – Taylor Hobart

Alice II

portrayed by

Beth Goldberg


portrayed by

Katie Mancuso

Jimmy II

portrayed by

Michael Lomenick


portrayed by

Reed Willard

Darlene Welch, Glo Frazier, Dr. Cynthia McKnight, Pam Green, Julia Feld and Jennifer

portrayed by

Traci Cidlik