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The Odd Couple – Female Version

by Neil Simon

June 14th - July 29th

“The Odd Couple” (female version) is the second in a trilogy of plays presented by Oil Lamp Theater in 2018 that represent stories about women.

Unger and Madison are at it again! Florence Unger and Olive Madison, that is, in Neil Simon’s hilarious contemporary comic classic: the female version of The Odd Couple. Instead of the poker party that begins the original version, Ms. Madison has invited the girls over for an evening of Trivial Pursuit. The Pidgeon sisters have been replaced by the two Constanzuela brothers. But the hilarity remains the same.

Please note there is no performance on Friday July 20 as Oil Lamp Theater will be participating in the Greetings from Glenview Road street fair from 6-9pm. Stop by Oil Lamp Theater and take in our short play that night “Family Game Night” that runs every 20 minutes. Also our complimentary chocolate chip cookies.

The performance runs 2 hours and 20 minutes including a ten-minute intermission.

Adults $35.00

Students $20.00

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The God Committee

by Mark St. Germain

August 16th - September 23rd

The God Committee” is the third in a trilogy of plays presented by Oil Lamp Theater in 2018 that represent stories about women.

The first, “Love, Loss and What I Wore”, co-written by Nora Ephron, focused on the intimate side of personal growth, looking at how women define and shape their sense of self in intimate ways.

The second, Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple, female version” took this exploration to the next level as we considered how that sense of self affects relationships, both with men and with other women – especially in a world and at a time when the ability to make strong, independent choices really seemed possible.

The third show in this trilogy, “The God Committee”, moves this conversation into the workplace – in this case, the high-pressure world of medicine, specifically organ transplantation and cardiac surgery. This is a place where women in positions of power and decision-making responsibility have been under-represented, and we seek to help shift that narrative through portraying this story. Contrary to how this play was produced in 2014, women will hold the positions of power and the cast will be more ethnically diverse.

Medicine, Money, and Morality clash when the Heart Transplant Selection Committee of St. Patrick’s Hospital has only minutes to decide which of three patients will receive a heart that has suddenly become available. A cross between Twelve Angry Men and ER, The God Committee takes us into the inner workings of a transplant program and a decision, for both their candidates and their program, that is a matter of life and death.

Adults $35

Students $20

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The Front Page

by Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht

October 4th - November 18th

An irresistible comedy with thrills and derring-do set in the news room. Hildy wants to break away from journalism and go on a belated honeymoon. There is a jailbreak and into Hildy’s hands falls the escapee as hostage. He conceals his prize in a rolltop desk and phones his scoop to his managing editor. Their job is to prevent other reporters and the sheriff from opening the desk and finding their story. Some hoodlums are enlisted to remove the desk, but they get mixed up with a Boy Scout troop and the mayor and a cleaning woman, among others. It’s a whirlwind wrap up with Hildy finally making his breakaway.

Adult $35.00

Student $20.00

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It’s a Wonderful Life – A Live Radio Play

by Joe Landry

November 29th - December 29th

Oil Lamp Theater invites you to kick off the holiday season with their presentation of Joe Landry’s It’s a Wonderful Life — A Live Radio Play. This heartwarming classic is a show within a show. It’s December 24, 1946 in Studio A at WBFR Radio, and a cast of six actors is preparing to present It’s a Wonderful Life live to the listening audience. With the help of only a sound-effects artist, the ensemble re-enacts the story of George Bailey, a young man whose dreams of traveling the world are thwarted by his sense of responsibility to the family business. Down on his luck, Bailey, compassionate yet disheartened, is at the end of his rope. He questions his purpose in life and considers ending it all. Just then, an angel arrives to show Bailey how the lives of those he loves would be affected if he were not around. The story’s message is profound and remains relevant for today’s audiences.

Adults $35

Students $20

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