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Productions from 2011

The God Committee

god-2011Playwright – Mark St. Germain
Fall 2011

Directed by Josh Johnson
Stage Manager-Sarah Borer

Cristiana Barbatelli as Dr. Kiera Banks
Jay Cook as Dr. Alex Gorman
Keith Gerth as Dr. Jack Klee
Gary Murphy as Fr. Charles Dunbar
Ben Nicholson as Domenick Piero
Kate O’Connor as Nurse Nella Larkin
Misti Patrella as Dr. Ann Ross

Plot Summary
Medicine, Money and Morality clash when the Heart Transplant Selection Committee of St. Patricks hospital have only minutes to decide which of three patients will receive a heart that has suddenly come available. A cross between TWELVE ANGRY MEN and E.R., the GOD COMMITTEE takes us into the inner workings of a Transplant Program and a decision, for both their candidates and their program, that is a matter of life and death.

The Subject Was Roses

roses-2011Playwright – Frank D. Gilroy
Spring 2011

Directed by Josh Johnson
Stage Manager- Kristin Toerpe

Jean Waller as Nettie Cleary
Keith Gerth as John Cleary
Eric Bays as Timmie Cleary

Plot Summary
It is May of 1946 and Timmy Cleary is home from the war to his estranged parents John and Nettie in the Bronx apartment where he grew up. As their reunion promises a return to life as it never was, John, giving up a lucrative business opportunity, attends a ball game with his son and grudgingly at Timmy’s request, returns with roses for Nettie, an insincere attempt at reconciliation. Reminiscing, the three attempt to recapture the past and all it symbolizes but the idyll is shattered amidst recriminations and the next morning Timmy announces he is leaving once again as husband and wife must face the reality of life with only their memories… Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, 1965.

First Night

first-night-2011Playwright – Jack Neary
Winter 2011

Directed by Josh Johnson
Stage Manager- Kristin Toerpe

Tricia Rogers as Meredith
Keith Gerth as Danny

Plot Summary
This bright, warm, wise comedy about dreams, life and love occurs on New Year’s Eve. Danny Fleming is waiting to close up the video store where he works. An hour before closing Meredith O’Connor or Sister Meredith Louise walks in. In the eighth grade, Danny fell in love with Meredith, but she went out of his life to pursue her vocation. Now she’s back and the sparks fly when Danny learns she has left the convent to seek him out.