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Productions from 2009

Alone Together

alone-2009Playwright – Lawrence Roman
Fall 2009

Directed by Josh Johnson
Stage Manager- Evan Hill

Eric Bays as Elliott Butler
Keith Gerth as George Butler
Caleb Probst as Michael Butler
Laura MacGregor as Helene Butler
Megan Hincks as Janie Johnson
Evan Hill as Keith Butler

Plot Summary
Alone Together delighted audiences on Broadway with Janis Paige and Kevin McCarthy playing a middle aged couple whose children have finally left the nest. They are alone together, but not for long. All three sons come charging back home after experiencing some hard knocks in the real world, and Mom and Dad have quite a time pushing them out again.

The Odd Couple

odd-2009Playwright – Neil Simon
Spring 2009

Directed by Gretchen Sonstroem
Stage Manager- Susanna Sandoval

Kate Compton as Gwendolyn Pigeon
Brad Davidson as Roy
Tracy Garrison as Cecily Pigeon
Keith Gerth as Felix
Bill Hyland as Vinnie
Gary Murphy as Oscar
James Turano as Murray
Michael B. Woods as Speed

Plot Summary
This classic comedy opens as a group of the guys assembled for cards in the apartment of divorced Oscar Madison. And if the mess is any indication, it’s no wonder that his wife left him. Late to arrive is Felix Unger who has just been separated from his wife. Since he is very fastidious and none too tense, they fear he might commit suicide and go about locking all the windows. As the action unfolds, the clean-freak and the slob ultimately decide to room together with hilarious results as The Odd Couple is born.

Mass appeal

mass-2009Playwright – Bill C. Davis
Winter 2009

Directed by Josh Johnson
Stage Manager- Keri Godsey-Mack

Stephen Kaiser as Mark Dolson
Keith Gerth as Father Farley

Plot Summary
Father Tim Farley, a lover of the good things in life, is comfortably ensconced as priest of a prosperous Catholic congregation. His well-ordered world is disrupted by the arrival of Mark Dolson, an intense and idealistic young seminarian whom Father Farley reluctantly agrees to take under his wing. There is immediate conflict between the two as the younger man challenges the older priest’s sybaritic ways, while Father Farley is appalled by Mark’s confession that he had led a life of bisexual promiscuity before entering the priesthood.