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Productions from 2005


sylvia-2005Playwright – A.R. Gurney
Fall 2005

Director – Gretchen Sonstroem

Kyla Thomas as Sylvia
Chad Meyer as Tom, Phyllis, and Leslie
Joan Glacy as Kate
Keith Gerth as Greg

Plot Summary
The story of Sylvia centers on Greg, a successful man depressed by the working world. He finds his job as a currency trader empty, and he doesn’t know where to turn. One autumn afternoon in Central Park, Sylvia, a stray dog, leaps onto his lap and into his life, offering unconditional love.


love-2005April 2005

Series of One-Act Plays
Mrs. Sorken
The Bug Swatter
The Ferris Wheel
The Problem
The Man Who Couldn’t Dance
The DMV One

Playwrights – Gurney/Druang/Selmeier/Miller/Katims/Zagone

Directors – Gretchen Sonstroem and Keith Gerth

Nancy Greco as Mrs. Sorken
Kate Cares as Robin and Hank Hilbert as David
Chad Meyer as John and Kyla Thomas as Dorie
Nich Radcliffe as Eric and Nilsa Reyna as Gail
Rob Biesenbach as Husband and Jessica Fry as Wife
Leah Rose as Woman and Keith Gerth as Man

The Theater’s first production was an evening of one-act plays all revolving around the common theme of love. Open auditions were held for casting and over 100 actors showed up to perform. The show ran for one weekend, three performances.