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Come Blow Your Horn by Neil Simon

Runs from June 26th through August 3rd

Neil Simon's hilarious romantic comedy "Come Blow Your Horn" will be the next offering at Glenview's Oil Lamp Theater running through August 3rd. This is the first in a trilogy that the Theater is performing this year about family life in America. Beginning with family in the 1960's with Come Blow Your Horn; followed by Making God Laugh where we follow a family through the ensuing decades into the 21st century and culminating with Dinner with Friends later this fall.

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Come Blow Your Horn tells the story of Alan (Chris Lysy), a young man who lives the plush life of a swinging bachelor in New York City in the early 1960s. He enjoys a merry-go-round of women and shows up only occasionally at work, where his father (Rob Weinstein) is the boss. But Alan’s life changes when his inexperienced 21-year-old brother Buddy (Grant Terzakis) "runs away from home" to move in so he can get a taste of his brother’s freewheeling lifestyle. Things are further complicated by the arrival of Alan’s girlfriend, Connie (Amanda Meyer), who hopes to transform him from a playboy into a loving and responsible adult. But of course, there’s Peggy (Marisa Lerman), the voluptuous upstairs neighbor to think about, too, so.…

The boys’ parents worry that their impressionable youngest son will become a hedonistic “bum” like his older brother – who’s in his 30s and still unmarried. After all, dad hopes that his sons will carry on the family's wax-fruit business! Their mother (Denise Smolarek) adds her own hysterical perspective to the mix, and soon a rapidly escalating series of mishaps, mistaken identities and romantic misadventures spirals into comedic chaos. The tender and heartwarming resolution of this family’s story will remind you once again why Neil Simon is a legend of American comedy.

Come Blow Your Horn was Neil Simon’s first Broadway show, a smash hit that ran for 641 performances… an amazing accomplishment for the then-unknown playwright. This delightful comedy offers a warm and funny evening with real human insight -- and also celebrates the beginning of one of the most successful playwriting careers in history.

The show runs approximately two hours and ten minutes with an intermission.

Making God Laugh by Sean Grennan

Runs from August 7th through September 14th

The title is taken from a saying attributed to Woody Allen: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” This upbeat comedy follows empty-nester parents Bill (Andy Clifton) and Ruthie (Beth Goldberg) over three decades as they welcome their adult children back to their suburban home for various holidays. As time passes, more than just the hairstyles change. The lives of everyone in the family evolve in unexpected ways. Dreams are crushed, relationships develop, unresolved issues resurface — and through it all, family traditions remain.

We first meet the family sometime in the late 1970s or early ‘80s. Thomas (Michael Dalberg), the “good son,” has grown up to become a Catholic priest. Maddie (Marisa Lerman), a free-spirited aspiring actress, is a disappointment to her mother who constantly nags her. Richard (Chris Miller) is a former high school football star, now a failed entrepreneur, who tries hard to stay on top of the latest trends -- but seems to have amazingly bad judgment. (He drives an AMC Pacer and invests in both Yugo and Enron.)

Making God Laugh follows this quirky group through the years up to the present day as old rituals and dubious family recipes are trotted out and old tensions flare up. As time passes, these family members learn that their paths through life aren’t always the ones they planned, and their ultimate destinations are rarely what they expected.

Playwright Sean Grennan is a 1977 graduate of Northwestern University. Making God Laugh had its world premier in 2011 at Peninsula Players Theatre in Wisconsin and premiered in the Chicago area in 2012 at Theatre at the Center. This production will be directed by Brent Stringfield, who is making his directorial debut with Oil Lamp Theater.