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Love, Loss and What I Wore

by Delia and Nora Ephron

April 19th - June 3rd

From the writer of Sleepless in Seattle comes an intimate collection of stories about women and their lives.

“Love, Loss and What I Wore” is the first in a trilogy of plays presented by Oil Lamp Theater in 2018 that represent stories about women told by women.

A play of monologues and ensemble pieces about women, clothes and memory covering all the important subjects—mothers, prom dresses, mothers, buying bras, mothers, hating purses and why we only wear black. Based on the bestselling book by Ilene Beckerman.

“Funny, compelling…Brought down the house…but [the play] is not a comedy: A story about black cowboy boots becomes a sad tale of being underappreciated in a relationship; a tale of two women shopping for their wedding outfits ends bittersweetly; and the recollection of a new bra is a quiet testament to a women’s search for dignity while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.” —NY Times. “So funny and so powerful; so dear and sweet; so remindful of our female wiles, our worries, our insecurities, our remembrances of mother, father, sisters, brothers, lovers—I think it can’t miss.” —WowOwow.com.

The show runs two hours including a ten minute intermission.

Adults $35.00

Students $20.00

Love, Loss and What I Wore is an intimate collection of stories about women and their lives based on the bestselling book of the same title by Ilene Beckerman. These stories, shared as monologues and ensemble pieces by a cast of five women, offer audiences a warm and sometimes bittersweet vision of the joys and tribulations of modern womanhood. Conveyed through the prism of their relationships to their wardrobes and to the people they love, the women of Love, Loss and What I Wore share their experiences in ways that will bring twinges and nods of recognition to Oil Lamp’s audiences.

Like a long heart-to-heart chat with a friend over coffee, Love, Loss and What I Wore will take you along for a poignant journey of recognition through the heartbreak and the joy of so many women’s shared experiences. The stories explore those experiences by way of women’s wardrobe, covering everything from the mortifications of bra-buying to poorly-chosen prom dresses, bad lighting in fitting rooms, finding the right boots and high heels, wearing short skirts, and that chronic and seemingly unavoidable conundrum — having nothing to wear.

These tales weave together with stories about personal relationships at different stages of life. There’s the disapproving mother who asks, “Is that what you’re wearing?”, the men who disappear for no known reason, and the sisters who’ve always got your back, no matter what. Love, Loss and What I Wore creates a tapestry of clothing-fuelled recollections, each revealing intimate truths about relationships that grow and stretch out over a lifetime – relationships with mothers, boyfriends, husbands, ex-husbands, sisters, daughters and grandchildren — everyone.

The five women of Oil Lamp’s Love, Loss and What I Wore ensemble portray multiple characters, some of whom we hear from at different stages in their lives. From the hilarious to the bittersweet, from the innocence of youth to the world-weary sophistication of maturity, these women of the Oil Lamp Theater provide a tableau of near-universal themes of female identity that will provoke laughter, knowing smiles, and perhaps even a few wistful tears.

Director Mazur Levin has created an original staging for this production of Love, Loss and What I Wore that brings dynamic movement and energy to the special world that is home for the memories of these fascinating story-tellers.

Directed by Elizabeth Mazur Levin

Stage Manager Savannah Clements

Katie Barberi
Madeline Bunke
Nicola Howard
Gabrielle Gulledge
Anne Marie Lewis


portrayed by

Shelby Garett


portrayed by

Rebecca Sparks